Winter Color to Attract Wildlife

dwarf winter shrub with red berries
Dwarf Winterberry ‘Berry Poppins’.               Image by Monrovia


Using color in the garden is the best way to attract wildlife.  The winter snows have come early this year and while all the leaves have dropped from the trees and shrubs, I have planted some specimens specifically for their winter color.

Through my north-facing window, I’m watching all the little finches that are flitting among the red berries of this lovely little holly.  Beneath its branches, the blue jays are racing to pluck the berries and shove them in the ground for stored food.
This dwarf holly is a compact shrub with perfect white flowers in spring and a heavy mass of gorgeous red berries in winter.  While I enjoy watching the birds have their fill, I always plant in threes so I can cut some branches to display around the house in small vases and to take as gifts for friends.

I prefer flowering shrubs that don’t need a male pollinator, but this ‘Berry
Poppins’ is so delicious I am happy to add ‘Mr. Poppins’ to the mix.  The dwarf size makes it easy to plant several, using color as a design element to drawing the eye through the entire garden.  Planning to feed the local wildlife naturally with the plants you provide is also an important part of creating a sustainable and balanced Free Shipping on booksgarden.  Sustainable for nature and balanced for your spirit.

In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva