Why Are We Attracted to Roses?

Giverny Ally roses

Why are we attracted to roses?

In the ebb and flow of the garden throughout history, our attraction to the sumptuous rose is almost reverent.  Roses have always been the ultimate symbol for all of our strongest emotions. Romance.  Treachery.  Power.  Inspiration. You can literally feel the powerful vibrations of these emotions.

Every living thing on our planet, including ourselves, produces vibrations–the rose most of all.  “Out of silence, nature manifests the world of vibration. Everything that we experience is an expression of consciousness vibrating.” David Simon, MD

Our internal intuition is naturally attracted to the living organisms that give us the energy we need to survive and thrive.   We subtly, unconsciously, absorb that energy.  We identify with that energy. From the soil, to the insects, to the plants and trees, to the rose.

From a scientific basis certain plant foods contain the vitamins and minerals our bodies need.  From a broader biological basis and physics basis, each plant food vibrates at a specific megahertz of energy that we need.  The more organic a plant is, the higher the megahertz it produces.  Broccoli produces 75 mghtz of energy, kale approximately 90 mghtz.  Humans vibrate at about 325 mghtz of energy.  The rose is the only other living thing on our planet that vibrates at the same level as humans–about 325 mghtz.  We are nourished both physically and emotionally as we absorb these higher mghtz.

Bees & flowers communicate using electrical fields

The living creatures in our gardens also vibrate with energy. They are attracted to the energy produced by our organic gardens.  A soil teaming with microbes, naturally produces energy for the plant life that it feeds.  Thus the great attractions to our gardens and of course, to the rose.

Heirloom roses have exuded their vibrational influence through the centuries.  One of the oldest roses, the Centifolia or Cabbage Rose, existed in 400 BC and was the most popular with the Dutch masters.  Used in all their paintings it symbolized beauty, wealth and power.

The Damask rose grown in Biblical times, was treasured for its healing essential oils.  The dropped petals symbolic of a broken heart and ultimately adopted as a symbol of the bloodshed of the Christian dutch-cabbage-rosesmartyrs.

Romantica roses from Provence in the South of France are highly treasured for their intense fragrance in the creation of perfumes.  Its various varieties are named for France’s famous painters and authors.  In fact Monet, in his time, was as famous for his collection of roses in Giverny, France as he is for his paintings today!  And you know how inspired he was by his garden.

I hope you’ll be inspired by your garden.  Enjoy its influence and enjoy the special relationship you’ll have with your roses.

In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva

P.S.  I’ll be giving several talks throughout the summer on the vibrational energy of the garden and how you can use it to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  This has been the most popular topic of all my talks.  If you’d like to schedule a talk with your group, select this link https://tovasgarden.com/tova-roseman-live/




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