Welcome to Tova’s Garden!

Kecko the cat and iris
Kecko in the garden

Organic gardening is so important to our health, but it seems to be the ultimate challenge.   No matter where you live, everyone feels their climate is the toughest, their soil is the poorest and there is either too much water or not   enough water.

My goal is to give you easy, timely information to help make organic gardening easier.  And fun.   And help you reap the benefits in your garden   and in your life.

As you focus on the health and life of your garden, you’ll notice a wonderful change in your own health and life focus.  What you need are the same things your garden needs.  A lot of water, good organic food, some sunshine and fresh air.

Did you know all of life is our biological kin?  According to the Human Genome Project, over 99% of human genes are identical to great apes, and a vast majority of our cells are identical to genes in fish, fungi, trees, dogs and cats.  These are our relatives–virtually all of life on earth.  I believe this is why we feel so wonderful when we are in our gardens, especially when they are organic.  The positive life vibrations that we share benefits us all.  It relaxes us and we become healthier.  We become more balanced.

Rumi stated, “Just being in a body is sentient, and a state of rapture.  Just being here is cause for celebration.”    Let’s celebrate our gardens!  Let’s celebrate us!