Water-wise gardening ideas

Water-wise gardens groundcovers
Water-wise gardening lawn replacement

There are many benefits to replacing lawn in an effort to cut back on water usage.  And a lot of choices besides just replacing it with rocks or DG (decomposed granite).

First, consider that when you originally planted your lawn, your reduced the temperatures surrounding your house by 10-15 degrees.  If you remove that lawn and replace it with any type of rock, you lose that cool air and increase your power bill using air conditioning! 

Many people also don’t realize that dirt collects in the rocks and you still get weeds, so you have to spray with weed killers.  Not good for you or the environment.  If you don’t keep up on the weeds, your yard looks trashy.

If, instead of rocks, you consider using ground cover plants, you’ll increase the enjoyment in your yard by actually decreasing the work you spent on lawn.  You’ll also enjoy attracting other types of wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds.  All with minimal water usage.

In the following posts I’ll share some ideas about my favorite ground covers so you can be more creative in replacing your lawn. And I’ll explain how to prepare your soil for maximum water conservation while providing the basis for growing a stunning ground cover lawn replacement.