Top 10 Water-wise Groundcovers – No. 3

Ice plant in full bloom and in winter

Here is No. 3 of my Top 10 Groundcovers to use in your water-wise garden for lawn replacement.   Ice Plant is fabulously versatile!  This variety of Delosperma is an extremely hardy succulent, surviving in hot, dry summers, as well as icy cold winters buried in snow.  During the summer, its leaves are a fresh lime-green covered with bright yellow or fuscia colored flowers.  But in cold weather, it becomes more dramatic as the foliage turns bronze, orange and red.

An evergreen perennial, its a perfect groundcover to use in lawn replacement. Its an easy groundcover to transplant.  You don’t even need the roots.  Simply break off pieces and bury part in soil, keeping it moist.  It will root almost immediately, and continue spreading, covering large areas very easily.  No mowing required.

Ice Plant flowers are very attractive to butterflies and bees and little frogs love to live under its succulent foliage.

To learn more specifics about Ice Plant, take a look at my book, Perennials.  You’ll get all the details about Ice Plant and other perennials you’ll want to add to your water-wise garden.

Tova Roseman