Top 10 Ground Covers – No. 1

Water-wise-groundcover-creeping-thymeCreeping thyme is my all time favorite place to start for a terrific lawn replacement plant.  Its evergreen, its sturdy–you can walk on it, you can even use it for cooking.  It spreads beautifully, quickly filling all that bare soil you’ve just created, and it attracts all the lovely little critters that make a garden wonderful.  You’ll have lots of bees and butterflies, because it blooms virtually all season long.  Creeping thyme blooms come in a variety of pinks, purples and reds.  So plant a variety and enjoying the changing colors.



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Tova Roseman
Tova Roseman is a horticulturist, designer, award-winning speaker and nationally best-selling author. She received two awards for Best Radio Program in the nation and has been featured on HGTV, Discovery, NBC and ABC television. Tova is well-known for creating lush, organic gardens that are waterwise and pollinator friendly in challenging climates.