Sustainable Gardening Begins With The Past

melinda gustin landscape historian
Melinda Gustin Landscape Historian


Melinda Gustin has a passion for organic gardening and historic preservation.  While restoring the Newland’s Mansion, an NHL (National Historic Landmark), originally built in the late 1890s, Melinda also restored its gardens with historically accurate plant materials keeping its original character and Newland’s vision.  This beautiful mansion has an amazing view overlooking the Truckee River in what is now downtown Reno, Nevada.

Research is key.  Melinda’s research for accuracy not only includes documentation from archives and the time period such as seed catalogs, but also accuracy as to how people lived, what particular plant species were available, and more importantly, thoughtful consideration to the organics of the soil.

Melinda has restored many other historic properties, and is overseeing the new highway designs of the area’s western history in Reno and Carson City, Nevada.

Newlands Mansion circa 1984, pre-restoration










Newlands Mansion, circa 2018









Melinda Gustin, Podcast #101 – Listen here:

You can contact Melinda at, or at Landscape Architecture Studio, Nevada.  She is the Nevada Advisor at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, member of the Nevada Board of Landscape Architecture


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