Starting Seeds


Start Your Seeds Now

Its time to start seeds indoors if you want to grow your own organic vegetables and flowers, inexpensively, for your garden.  Even with our late spring, if your starter plants are healthy and strong they’ll grow quickly as soon as the weather is warm enough.

There’s nothing better than the scent of warm, fresh vegetables from your garden.  Or the sweet earthy taste of newly cut lettuce, fully ripe, juicy tomatoes, or crisp sugar peas.  There’s nothing more satisfying than walking out to your own garden and enjoying the simple accomplishment of doing it yourself.  You can buy lots of starter vegetables from local nurseries, but you won’t find the variety or all the wonderful heirlooms now available in seeds.

Remember morning glories and sweet peas?  My grandmother grew these.  You’ll still find them in the heirloom seed section.

Start seeds with a simple system

Over the years, I’ve played around with the some very simple and inexpensive techniques to use the small space I have available to start seeds successfully.  In the next few blogs I’ll explain and show you this system.

My simple system starts with just some basic household products as you’ll see in this video–a folding table, an old electric blanket, seed pots with a plastic top.  This system makes use of areas of your house that are out of the way because you don’t need a sunny window.  I set up my system in our garage.

There are many issues to trying to start seeds in a sunny window

  1. Sometimes seeds don’t germinate because its challenging to control the indoor temperatures.  The medium dries out quickly in the small starter pots.
  2. The medium becomes soggy because suddenly you have overcast days and no sun to heat the soil.
  3. The plants ultimately become long and leggy with weak stems because they are reaching for the sun.

My system will resolve all these issues.  So take a look at this video and ready, set, go!  Start your seeds!


In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva


Tova Roseman is a hoTova Rosemanrticulturist, designer, professional speaker and nationally best-selling author.  She received two awards for Best Program in the nation for the Garden Talk Line on KOH radio and has been featured on HGTV, Discovery, NBC and ABC television.  Tova is well-known for creating lush, organic gardens that are waterwise and pollinator friendly in challenging climates.