Spring Perennials Bloom in Summer

Delphiniums, spring perennialsWhy are my spring perennials blooming now, you ask?  Isn’t it time for the summer bloomers? The spring-blooming flowers are a terrific group of extra hardy plants.  If we’ve had the right amount of cold throughout the winter and enough water, these are the flowers that make us happy winter is over.  Spring bloomers are flamboyant; they are colorful and they are prolific.  They are also just a little delicate.  As soon as the heat increases, they begin to go to seed and you might think they’ve given their show.

But, here’s a secret…cut off all the blooms when the flowering is finished.  Let them have a little rest while you focus on the brilliant summer blooming perennials that love the heat.  As soon as the temperatures start to cool, you’ll see the spring bloomers start to set new flowering heads.  The summer perennials will steal the show now, while the spring perennials become the supporting actors.Delphinium, pink

The flowers may not be as big while we still have hot days, but as the temperatures cool and move into what we call ‘Indian Summer’, the blooms will increase in number and size.  And if the days remain cooler without that late season heat snap, they will continue to bloom for a long time. I happily remember the year I cut super tall delphiniums and combined them with ornamental grasses for our Thanksgiving table.  Spectacular!