Total Knee Replacement Healed in 3 Weeks

Yes!  Its from plants!

My husband, Barry has had bad knees for about 10 years.  Due to many injuries–football, police maneuvers and general life, he had no cartilage left.  His left knee was bone-on-bone.  He even had stem cell injections which helped with the pain for awhile, but did not repair the lost cartilage.  Last September he began taking our new plant-based, organic nutriceutical and nutrition program.  He lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks and decided he was ready for his total knee replacement.

Just 2 days after the surgery, Barry was walking on his own. He took no pain medication. This was the point when he was supposed to be using a walker.


After 5 days Barry walked better than before the surgery, and 12 days post surgery, you can see how easily he maneuvers a lawnmower, walking faster than he has in years!  His surgeon was amazed at how quickly he recovered.  


… AND 23 days after surgery, Barry took off on his 850 pound motorcycle…I’m as amazed as you are!  I knew I couldn’t help him if he didn’t have the strength in his knee to hold that motorcycle up.  But he did AND has the full bending motion of his knee!




Take a look at Barry’s incision healing progress on the day he took out that motorcycle!

This is only 23 days post surgery. His physical therapist was amazed that he had full range of motion too after only 3 sessions!  As you can see his scar looks more like a scar after a year of healing than a recent surgical area.

Here’s a news segment that will give you more detailsTake a look at ABC News with Diane Sawyer.

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To better health from plants and in sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva


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