Perennials book cover by Tova RosemanPerennials
 is the first in a series published by Tova’s Garden specifically for gardening in challenging climates. Perennial plants are listed by the season they bloom so you can easily…..

  • Design a perennial garden that blooms for almost 9 month of the yearbest selling book
  • Create great soil that will sustain your garden without any weeds
  • Conserve water and still give your plants exactly what they need to grow and bloom their best
  • Learn how to create the perfect drip irrigation system using Tova’s specialized method.

You’ll learn all of this and more without spending a lot of time!

      $20.00 includes shipping

You’ll learn about flower details, and new plants you thought couldn’t grow in this climate! And you learn which plants attract hummingbirds & butterfliesdeer & rabbit resistance,  from the special symbols on each page.  There’s also a section on ornamental grasses.

We weren’t lucky enough to have a gardener like Tova living next door….but you can get all her gardening knowledge for this climate in your hands.  In my role as garden writer for the Sacramento Bee’s “California Life” magazine, I see dozens of new gardening books during the course of a year.  I can think of none that are more straightforward, encouraging and easy to understand than this.”       Dick Tracy, Sacramento Bee  

Page 22 Perennials Book by Tova Roseman

This book is your constant reference on perennial gardening in Tova & bookchallenging climates.  Whether you are a new gardener or have gardened for years, you’ll learn all kinds of new tips and information.  You’ll refer to this manual again and again.

5-star rating

Like Perennials? You’ll love this book!  By “mccalis”     Tova’s book is a MUST have for the anyone who wants to grow perennials. It shows you how to take advantage of microclimates in your garden so you can grow plants that are listed out of your USDA or Sunset zone. Then the gardener, from the beginner to the most ambitious, can experiment with a wider variety of plants.

I also like the straight-forward way the book is written. Find the season you want, the plants are listed in alphabetical order by season of bloom with a list of the plant’s essential needs. This way you don’t need to read 10 paragraphs about the plant to find how much sunlight it requires. The pictures are also not only accurate but artistic.

 $20.00 includes shipping

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