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Organic Garden

The garden is almost put to bed, the last of the bulbs planted, last batch of new perennials moved and planted and one last watering.  I really put to use all my own advice from the Fall Garden Calendar.  After a LOT of tree pruning this year, including the removal of a beloved white peach tree, I rejuvenated ALL my garden beds with a new layer of aged steer manure and mulch and threw in a few extra batches of red wiggler worms to let things percolate over winter.

organic garden seed sproutingNow that the big garden bed under that peach tree is back in the sun, shade perennials had to be moved.  That fresh empty space now has a big batch of wildflower seeds sown in the fragrant tilled soil and lightly covered with new mulch as well.  Come spring, the wildflowers will be blooming and I have a new sunny bed for more veggies between the wildflowers.

In the meantime, following my own game plan and backed up with the advice of Robert Pavlis, my guest in the Garden Myths Podcast, I’m enjoying the late summer sun gleaming through the ornamental grasses and the wind rustling up all the leaves that have fallen in the garden beds—soon to become mulch while protecting all the roots.  I did see my cat pouncing around the leaves this morning though.  Not sure if he was playing with a dried leaf or looking for an unsuspecting mouse.  Enough work already!  I’m ready to be inside!

Organic Home

As you know we do have a symbiotic relationship with our gardens and with nature.  Our physical and emotional health thrives on it.  Organic inside and out.  I’ve been incorporating more and more essential oils in my everyday household maintenance.  I actually enjoy mopping the tile floors and wiping down the kitchen granite with a few drops of peppermint oil in the water.  Terrific for stopping the ants from coming inside this summer and the house smells so lovely and fresh!  I learned this from my podcast guest, Michelle LaFriniere, along with many other organic tips using teas I’m incorporating.fresh lily organic home

Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap has become my favorite for the soap spray insecticide I use in the garden, and it is the only laundry soap that makes my husband’s t-shirts sparkling white.  Now I use it in almost all my wash because it removes all the previous laundry soap residue, rejuvenating everything.  A few drops of lavender essential oil for the rinse water, instead of fabric softener, really freshens all the laundry too.  I even used lavender oil on a burn when I unthinkingly grabbed a hot pan.  Kimberly Powers, another terrific podcast guest, gave us this advice.  She was right!  The burn healed within a day and never formed a blister!

I’ve been fascinated with all the podcast guests I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.  So much incredible information to share about our relationship with nature and how we can improve our health and heal the environment.  I hope you’ll go back to all the links I’ve provided here in this blog as well as use this website as your Perennial reference to all things organic. :-))

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In sync with nature,

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