Organic Cut Flowers for Valentine’s Day – Video

Organic cut flowers, available for consumers, are now available in many parts of the U.S.  This is exciting because of the care that’s given to growing these flowers. Many of them are grown organically, and none use pesticides!  More than that, the flower-growing business is a passion for each of these entrepreneurs shown in the video.

Organic Cut Flowers, Farm to consumer

Just like when you get eggs direct from the farmer, these flowers are weeks fresher so they’ll last weeks longer in your home.  Without long distance transportation issues, the flowers can be delivered in bouquets at full bloom.  I don’t want to give away all the secrets….

Just watch this video, you’ll start your day filled with joy.

  This short film beautifully illustrates the movement back to locally-grown cut flowers now gaining strength across the United States. With visits to members’ farms, and interviews with farmers, buyers, florists, and our own researcher John Dole, it clearly demonstrates the benefits of local over imported flowers.

In sync with nature,
Tova Roseman

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Tova Roseman
Tova Roseman is a horticulturist, designer, award-winning speaker and nationally best-selling author. She received two awards for Best Radio Program in the nation and has been featured on HGTV, Discovery, NBC and ABC television. Tova is well-known for creating lush, organic gardens that are waterwise and pollinator friendly in challenging climates.