Nature’s Remedies for Your Tummy

Did you know the minerals we receive from our vegetables and herbs are critical to our digestion?  In fact according to John Anderson, “minerals are the very key to life itself.  If you stripped all the minerals from your body, you’d have no life.”

For as long as I can remember I have had severe stomach issues.  Well, okay, for about 15 years, but it seems like forever.  Bloating whether I ate… or didn’t eat….or didn’t eat at the right time.  Food, air and water made my tummy hurt.  And I put on 15 pounds by eating nothing!  Prescription acid reducers mostly helped with the pain, but not the bloating.  And I still had to be cautious with my food.  Doctors didn’t help, in fact one suggested I have my gallbladder removed to see if that would work!

We are connected to nature from what we grow in our gardens and the nutrition our plants receive from the soil, to how our bodies can or cannot absorb that nutrition and how it can heal us.    But our soils have been so depleted from the use of pesticides and other chemicals, that even organic foods do not have the same nutrition as they did when we were growing up.

Since 1963, minerals in our vegetables have decreased to almost non-existence.  At the same time mineral deficiency diseases have increased. For example you need to eat 50 cups of spinach today to get the same amount of nutritional minerals as you ate in 1 cup of spinach in 1963!  (according to a U.S. Dept of Agriculture study)  But that doesn’t mean those minerals can even be absorbed by our bodies.  We are also ingesting all those toxins that break down our cellular structure.


Is there a solution?  Yes!  John Anderson, Master Herbalist has created a wonderful nutritional program that contains Ionic Minerals.  These are the electrolytes, minerals and rare earth minerals that our bodies need to survive, thrive and heal!  Combined with a new product made up of organic, non-GMO plant extracts that actually repair our DNA!


John began his career in the Agriculture organics and soil testing industry and developed a specialized extraction method to take plants’ minerals and trace minerals and convert them to a liquid and powered form specifically for human nutrition.  He is the world’ leading compounder of botanicals and natural ingredients.

I have been searching all these years for a holistic and natural way to heal my stomach and I’ve found it!  Last September I began taking products from my new plant-based, organic nutriceutical and nutrition program.  By March, my stomach was healed!  I can eat anything and I have no bloating! No pain!   Everything about my health has improved. I have loads of energy, brain focus and stamina.  I feel like superwoman.

Want to know more?  I’ve developed my own special protocol along with this great nutritional program.  Contact me using the form below and I’ll be happy to give you more information.

To better health from plants and in sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva

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