Natural Botanicals, Cancer and Anti-Aging

Bill Andrews, Molecular Biologist
Ultra Marathon Runner
Founder, Sierra Sciences

What if Betty White could turn back the clock and look, act and feel like at 25 year old?  Why do dogs & cats age differently than humans?  Do people in the North Pole age differently than people in other places?  These are some of the simple questions that molecular biologist, Bill Andrews, asked from the time he was a child through much of his career in his quest to find a cure for aging.

Andrews won Time Magazine’s 2019 award as one of the Top 100 Longevity Leaders in the World.  But, more importantly, this quest to cure aging led to  he and his team being awarded 2nd Place as National Inventor of the Year by the U.S. Patent Office for his discovery of the RNA component of telomerase (“hTR“), a critical factor in cancer researchCould the cause of the two diseases, cancer and aging, be related?

description of telomeres and the immune system

In fact they are!  Aging is a complex and difficult topic that has been the center of attention of many scientists for centuries. Aging isn’t an accident. We age because our telomeres get shorter and our cells age. Every time our cells divide, our telomeres get shorter and our cells age. Aging is also the cause of a lot of diseases.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Bill’s refreshingly simple explanations of how we age and the basis of most of our diseases, including cancer.  So how do botanicals figure in all this?  Bill’s lab does testing for chemicals and botanicals alike.  Sierra Sciences can test 4,000 samples a day  His lab blind tests both pharmaceuticals and botanicals for telomerase inducers, and as he explains not all plant extracts are the same.  Some companies use solvents and other chemicals that destroy the healing activities in botanicals, or can make them toxic to humans.

It wasn’t until he connected with John Anderson, drawing of herbmaster formulator and expert in plant extracts, that Andrews found the silver bullet.   He began testing Anderson’s pure plant extracts and these were the magic mix.  Bill was thrilled because he knows that by using botanicals, he can get a product out in the market more quickly than a pharmaceutical to fulfill his life’s goal and help people!  Together he and John created a new botanical product that supports the DNA.

Bill takes it himself and has noticed amazing results with his stamina and speed.  An ultramarathon runner, he frequently runs races as long as 138 miles, such as the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley in desert temperatures of 120 degrees, and La Ultra – the High, in the Himalaya mountains of India, at 17,000 ft.

Here’s his amazing story.

Bill Andrews, Podcast #121– Listen here:

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