Mr. Vegetable’s Garden Tips

Mr-Vegetable-book-coverMr. Vegetable’s Garden Tips  is the second book in a series published by Tova’s Garden specifically for vegetable gardening in challenging climates.   Mr. Vegetable’s Garden Tips give you 30 years worth of real tips, tricks, and tried and true methods.

best selling bookA real person, Gene Klump is Mr. Vegetable.  After 10 years answering questions on The Garden Talk Line and 25 years market gardening experience with his own Marigold Farms, Gene is the ultimate expert on vegetable gardening in one of the toughest climates in the U.S. And his advice is written in his award-winning humorous style.

  • Easy-to-read month-by-month format
  • Down home advice you can start using now, whatever month of the year it currently is
  • Grow your own vegetables with MORE FLAVOR than you thought possible

You’ll learn all of this and more without spending a lot of time!

Gene Klump is a Lifetime Master Gardener and was inducted into the Master Gardener Hall of Fame at the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

This book is your constant reference on perennial gardening in challenging climates.  Whether you are a new gardener or have gardened for years, you’ll learn all kinds of new tips and information.  You’ll refer to this manual again and again.

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 This is a lovely little book by a man who always seemed so nice on the radio & looks like a nice person in the photos. If you never had a chance to hear him, buy the book. It covers a lot of information that was covered on the radio show. A good place to start for people moving to the intermountain area, esp Northern Nevada.
(This book is currently out of print, but watch for the upcoming E-book!)