Is Your Lawn Service Still Using Roundup?

Is your lawn service still using Roundup??

On Saturday , my garden helper told me the lawn service he works for was still using Roundup!!  Roundup is the brand name of a systemic, broad-spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide originally produced by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018.[2] Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the United States.[3]  (see Wikipedia)

Thankfully, he told his working partner he would not allow Roundup to be used on a lawn they were grooming because there were a lot of children and animals playing in that yard.  But remember that its not just about the use of herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed onto your own grass and plants.   Spraying goes into the air and is spread throughout a neighborhood and beyond.  While my own garden and yard are completely organic, unfortunately you and I ingest chemicals applied in my neighbor’s yard, in the surrounding fields and on the golf courses.  And those particles spread through the air landing in lakes and streams.  There’s no avoiding toxins.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! This is a screen grab from an ad for Roundup. But this is all it takes to destroy the environment.


When my garden helper made the comment about Roundup, I knew I had to get on the ball. YOU need this information!

As gardeners, we are on the right track to understanding that our connection to nature is what will provide the solutions to the best health possible.  I developed this website to educate and provide new information on how to live an organic life through gardening.  All of my speaking engagements also have this focus.  You can get gardening tips from hundreds of places, but I want you to understand how organics work to your benefit, the benefit of the environment, and how easily it is to manage this  healthy lifestyle.

‘Going organic’ is more than just eating the ‘right’ food.  Organic gardening is a part of the entire circle of life because just like the use of Roundup affects all parts of the surrounding environment, how you garden in your own space also affects all of the surrounding environment too.

Soil Has A Microbiome Too

You’ve all heard about (and I’ve lectured about) how Roundup and other similar chemicals soil microbiomecreate dead soil.  This means the microbiome of the soil has been damaged and plants cannot absorb the nutrition they need from the soil.  Plants then cannot provide the nutrition to humans, other animals or even to insects who rely on plants to nourish and sustain life.  We have worried about the decline of bees, butterflies and birds due to the use of chemicals in our soils.  Now its also critical to understand how the health of the soil affects humans.

Yes, the soil has its own microbiome!  Exactly what is the microbiome?  This word is now used extensively in new education about the gut microbiome in humans.  Once the microbiome is damaged, your immune system becomes compromised.  Both the human body and the soil are similar in that they have a microbiome that is related.

The microbiome is all the microbial activity in a specific environment, whether its soil, plants or humans.  Its all the bacteria, microbes and fungi that can affect the health of the plants living in it. According to Soil Science Society of America, many of the worst diseases in crops or other environments are linked with changes in the soil microbiome.  Sound familiar?  Many of the worst diseases in humans are now related to changes in the gut microbiome.  This leads to the breakdown of our immune system, according to many of the leading scientists who are working to cure so many of today’s most prevalent diseases like IBS, Parkinsons’, ALS and……cancer.

Want to Learn More?

I believe when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I feel like I’m the center of a convergence of new information that relates to everything I have lectured about our relationship with nature and our health.  Since my husband’s diagnosis I have learned from leading doctors and scientists, attended conferences, read books and listened to podcasts.  I will be sharing more here in this blog, or if you want to contact me for more specific information, please use the contact form below.  I am also available for a few select speaking engagements to share this critical information.

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