Why I’m Offering a Chance for Free Roses!

Roses have gotten a bad rap over the years, so I’m offering you a chance to change that perception with some FREE ROSES!  These aren’t just any old rose, these are heirloom roses from……HeirloomRoses.com.  Heirloom roses are sort of like heirloom vegetables.  They are extra hardy, they don’t get the rose-contest1
diseases, they are high energy bloomers and don’t require pruning.  They are awesome!

If you’ll refer to my most recent blog about roses, you’re going to want to win THESE roses.

Like perennials, most of them grown on their own root.  That means if branches die over winter the rose will continue grow in the original form that you saw when you purchased it.  Unlike tea roses that are grafted onto a much hardier root stock.  When the top of tea roses die or become weak, quite often you’ll see the root stock produce a rose from under the bud union.  And this rose will be an ugly, dark red rorose-contest-2se.

Heirloom roses offer your an opportunity to enjoy your lush, full garden again with very little work (my mantra).  So be sure and enter for a chance to win some roses, and share with your friends, and on social media for extra points for a better chance to win.



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