Fall Garden Calendar

BunBun the rabbit

Fall Garden Tips:


  • Do some basic garden cleanup, removing all browning a loose debris
  • Do NOT prune perennials. You can trim the spring  growers for fall bloom, but wait until spring for the big ‘clean up’
  • Divide Spring-blooming perennials using a sharp, pointed shovel. Add bone meal to each new hole and when you reestablish the original roots.
  • Start ripening all veggies – reduce watering slightly, and remove all new flowers and very small vegetables. Root prune with a shovel around the entire perimeter of each plant
  • If you plan to move any large shrubs or trees in early winter, root prune themprune tomatoes now to establish new feeder roots for an easier transition.
  • Add extra mulch to conserve water during these hot days.


  • Perennials – remove dead flowers, cutting the stem just above a leaf joint. On tall perennials, such as delphinium cut the flower stalks all the way to the ground. Spring bloomers will flower again as the weather cools. Summer bloomers will bloom until it freezes.
  • Annuals – remove dead flowers continuously. Pinch new green growth for bushier plants.
  • Trees and shrubs – prune after they lose their leaves and become dormant so you can see their real shape. Pruning before dormancy will cause new growth to start again.


  • Plant new spring-blooming perennials and bulbs. Keep the soil moist throughout the winter, watering every two weeks until the ground freezes. Continue the watering regimen if we don’t receive any rain or snow.
  • Start transplanting any groundcovers now, while the days are warm and nights cool.  Keep them moist to establish roots.

In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman