Fritillaria–so cute!

Fritillaria is a wonfritillariaderful specialty bulb that repels deer, squirrels and other critters that feast on your fresh spring perennials.  The white or wine-colored flowers are darling in the garden but you won’t want to cut them for a bouquet in your house.  They have a slight skunky odor that acts as the repellent!

Just a few bulbs planted here and there throughout your garden will add some delightful enhancements while working with nature to protect your investment.

In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva

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Tova Roseman
Tova Roseman is a horticulturist, designer, award-winning speaker and nationally best-selling author. She received two awards for Best Radio Program in the nation and has been featured on HGTV, Discovery, NBC and ABC television. Tova is well-known for creating lush, organic gardens that are waterwise and pollinator friendly in challenging climates.