Diary of a New Landscape – Part II

And It Begins!

The most exciting part of creating a new landscape is clearing the land.  You’ve looked at it and looked at it, forever it seems.  Its hard to see that new vision you want.  But then you have a game plan, and it begins.

Suddenly there before your eyes all the old stuff is gone and there is a new vista.  NOW you can see it.  NOW you know this garden can turn into exactly what you dreamed.  And you can’t wait to get started.  As you lay out the property from paper to land, you see how it all starts to fit together.


The barbecue area is out there where you can feel cozy, yet see everything.  It even looks like a fun area before you actually use it.  There’s plenty of grass for the kids to play on, a lovely rose garden for you with a useful pathway from those funny stairs on the side of the house out into the whole backyard!

Alyssa and her husband are super involved in this creation.  They are doing all the work.  While she wanted to save some of the useful parts of what existed, she also wanted roses and perennials, fruit trees and berries.  We mixed it all together, in a cohesive plan that looks very lush, but is really very low maintenance.

She chose a new variety of grass called ‘Dog Tuff’, that is low water usage, very little mowing and just as it sounds, tough for kids and dogs.  We mixed perennials and roses
with a new variety of dwarf shrub-type blueberry that are extra hardy.  She saved some of her really old lilac bushes that can be rejuvenated with some special pruning, but took out some ‘too-old-to-fruit’ fruit trees.

Want to know more?  My best-selling book, Perennials, will give you some great tips on choices for challenging climates.  Its written from a design stand-point

on what blooms when from season to season, and which plants attract birds, hummingbirds and butterflies, and which are deer resistant.

If you’d like me to create a plant palette just for you, please use the contact form below for your own consultation!


’tis the season for planning and planting!

Better health from plants and In sync with nature,

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva

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