Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Earth Day comes once a year to celebrate our awareness of our connection to nature.  What’s most important though, is to recognize that we are always connected to every aspect of nature.  Through wise stewardship we can enhance and protect that connection.


Over the past year I’ve produced a number of podcast interviews in an effort to give you a broader perspective of our natural connection and expand your knowledge via other experts.  Here are a few of them here:

Ken Graydon is from Mandurah, Australia.  Our recording had to happen late at night, but Ken is so connected to the earth and to our natural healing abilities that I had to share his knowledge with you. His book, Regeneration Healing, is sold internationally on Amazon.


By now you know that the creation of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and the corresponding increased use of pesticides and weed killers are the cause of many of our own health problems and diseases.  Learn how this all came about, direct from a farmer and world grower of non-GMO seeds himself, Joe Dutra.


Learn how you can counteract some of these health challenges with new Nobel prize-winning plant-based products that can heal your DNA!  Here’s a link to new products that I use and can verify the results.

    Organic Health & Wellness

By now, the beautiful Napa Valley is recovering from the devastating fires that took place earlier this year.  Many vineyards were destroyed, including the fabulous, biodynamic and organic winery, Frey Vineyards located in Mendocino county.  Luckily, with the help of many other vineyard owners working side-by-side, Frey Vineyards is on the road to recovery.  Find out how Katrina Frey and her family used this fabulous French system of earth stewardship came about to create award-winning wines:


Restoring a world-famous mansion that is on the historic register is more than just the house itself.  While Melinda Gustin, Nevada Advisor at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and her entire family have done a fabulous job of the interior and exterior restoration of the actual Newland’s mansion, it was equally important to restore the gardens to the same standards.  For example, old grape vines that had been hidden under rubble were nourished and are still producing today.  Find out what it means to understand that stewardship and restoration:


And, since we are at the beginning of spring in our challenging climate of USDA Zone 3-6, you can learn how to simplify your gardening by understanding some of the myths of gardening from Canadian biochemist and botanical garden owner, Robert Pavlis. Robert’s botanical garden is located in Ontario, Canada, USDA zone 5.  His books are sold internationally on Amazon.


The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information to help you connect to nature.  I hope you’ve begun to recognize you are also a part of the big picture and can have a big influence on everything that happens around you.  I’d love to speak to your group or conference to help spread this important message.

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In sync with nature all over the world!

Tova Roseman
Earth Diva

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