Care for Mother Earth

Ken Graydon, Healer
Ken Graydon, Healer, Teacher
Regeneration Healing

Ken Graydon joins us from his hometown of Mandurah, in southwest Australia.  He travels throughout the world as a healer and teacher of methods for self-healing through changing our intentions and changing our energy.   Here he offers his insights about our role as caretakers of the earth.  Ken tells us:

“We’ve neglected the two things we were given to do as part of our healing role (as humans):
1.  Care for our Mother the Earth
2.  Look after the Garden”

To change our care taking role, Ken helps us understand how our intentions and blessings can literally improve the health of the land.  He’s created a special Process/Prayer just for us to use to create a healthier environment.  You’ll hear it here for the first time.  Save it and use it to create a garden that serves you.

You’ll learn how Animals are more intuitive to changing energy and intention than we are as humans.  You’ll learn how they can help us and how to connect with the world around you.  The environment is entirely in your hands.  You can always make a different choice because we live an unlimited life.

Healing the Handbook


Ken Graydon, Regeneration Healing , Podcast #108 – Listen here:

Ken’s special book, Healing the Handbook, is available at Amazon US
Facebook group:  Regeneration Healing Process
To connect with Ken on his website Regeneration Healing or want to know more about communicating with animals and healing.

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