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Katrina Frey
Exec. Director
Frey Vineyards

Organic and Biodynamic, Frey Vineyards is surrounded by 900 acres of native habitat in Mendocino County.  Kristina Frey and her husband, Jonathan, developed an award-winning winery by following their dream.   Established in 1980, Frey Vineyards is America’s first certified organic and Biodynamic winery.

Almost the entire family works the land–from their 92 year-old family matriarch who oversees the bottling using her walker, right down to the grandkids. They work in sync with nature to create good soils, maintain colonies of bees, a perennial garden, and farm animals, all for the benefit of their vineyard and the quality of the wine. Their holistic approach nourishes both body and soul.

Take a special tour of Frey Vineyards on Earth Day, April 22.  Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or not, the entire family can enjoy the journey and the destination traveling through the beautiful Redwood critters at the vineyard

Katrina Frey, Podcast #104 – Listen here:

For more information and a map to visit Frey Vineyards, click on the links above, or go to

(Enjoy this podcast and read my corresponding blog post to learn how a biodynamic approach can give you a higher yielding garden with less work.)

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