Certified American Grown Flowers

Beth Van Sandt in her peony fields
Beth Van Sandt
Scenic Place Peonies
Certified American Grown

There’s a brand new movement in the U.S. – Certified American Grown Flowers.  CAGF sponsored the 105th First Lady’s Luncheon in Washington DC, decorating the room for 2100 people with only american grown flowers!

In this interview with Beth Van Sandt of Scenic Place Peonies, Beth tells us about the importance of this movement in the American floral industry and how Alaska is starting to increase their agricultural presence.  In fact, she is hosting the new Field to Vase Dinner Tour on July 29, 2017.  You’ll get to dine among the flowers in her peony fields and experience all the fresh seafood Alaska has to offer.  There’s still room to get your tickets at this link:  Alaska Field to Vase Dinner Tour

Field to Vase Dinner Tour

In the second part of the show you’ll also learn about some of Beth’s special teas to feed the soil, solve disease issues and how she gets peony honey.






Beth Van Sandt, Podcast #110 – Listen here:

You can contact Beth, make Bed & Breakfast reservations and order peonies for delivery at her website http://www.scenicplacepeonies.com


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