Allergies Got You Down?

This seems to be an epic year for allergies.  In the soft light of dawn I could actually see the sparkling particles dropping down and floating in the air!   And you can see the yellow film from the pines this time of year all over your car or on your outdoor furniture.  But this is really only ‘the tip of the iceberg’.  Plant pollens are only a tiny part of what’s really causing your allergies.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

When I interviewed Tom Ogren a couple of years ago for a podcast, I learned that food allergies, plant allergies and allergies to other toxins are all related!  In fact the major cause of all these allergies are a combination of the overall breakdown of our bodies due to toxic exposures AND the overplanting of certain types of trees and shrubs in our planned communities.

If you listened to this podcast before, I know you were as amazed as I was at the information Tommy gave me.  If this is new to you, you need to know this information!!!  And you can make changes that are easy to implement and bring immediate relief.

Here it is here again, Tom Ogren, author of the Allergy-Fighting Garden, and a brand new system adopted by the American Lung Association and the Department of Agriculture.

Tom Ogren, Horticulturist, Allergy Fighter
Podcast #103 – Listen here:

You can contact Tom via his website,, or through

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