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When we understand our relationship with nature, we benefit with a better understanding of our bodies and spirits.  I’ll be bringing you nature’s thought leaders and people who have expertise and insights to help us live in harmony with our environment.

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Tova Roseman                                                                                                                                              Earth Diva

The Allergy-Fighting Garden

Tom Ogren, Horticulturist 
Allergy Fighter


Allergy problems and asthma are increasing every year.  You’ll be surprised at what’s really causing all your allergies, including food allergies.

In our growing communities, with an objective for having tidy landscaping, we have unknowingly caused our own allergenic nightmare.  But its a simple fix.

Tom gives us simple, common-sense information about what plants cause the problems and how to create beautiful, non-allergenic landscaping.  His scientific scale called OPALS (Ogren Plant Allergy Scale), gives you ratings on the most allergenic plants to the least allergenic plants.  Its been adopted by the American Lung Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Urban and Community Forest Sethe-allergy-fighting-garden-podcastrvice.

And you can buy his new book  The Allergy-Fighting Garden as your constant reference.  You’ll learn how to create smart landscaping with the added bonus of attracting beneficial wildlife.


Tom Ogren, Podcast #103 – Listen here:

You can contact Tom via his website, www.allergyfree-gardening.com, or through www.SAFEgardening.org

BONUS:  Tom wrote lyrics to Mark Flanagan’s music and recorded this fun song, ‘Sittin’ in my Backyard’.  Enjoy!



Herbs Can Heal Us in New Ways

herbal medicine podcast
Kimberly Powers

Kimberly Powers has been working with plants and helping people heal themselves for over 20 years. She says that plants affect us in remarkable ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She helps people with sleep problems more than anything else.  She can select herbs and essential oils that may be helpful to her customers by listening closely and understanding their personal history and lifestyle.

Kimberly is constantly making new discoveries about the healing properties of plants. The essential oil of lavender is even more effective than aloe in healing horrible burns, including leaving no scar!  Find out all that we talked about by listening to my newest podcast.

Kimberly Powers, Podcast #102 – Listen here:

You’ll find information about the classes Kimberly offers and about exploring plant medicine at her website, taking-root.com. Kim is an Herbalist. She has a degree in Herbal Sciences and continues her education in Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy programs.


Sustainable Gardening Begins With The Past

Melinda Gustin, Landscape Historian

Melinda Gustin has a passion for organic gardening and historic preservation.  While restoring the Newland’s Mansion, an NHL (National Historic Landmark), originally built in the late 1890s, she also restored its gardens with historically accurate plant materials keeping its original character and Newland’s vision.

Melinda has restored many other historic properties, including the new highway design in Reno and Carson City, Nevada.  Her research for accuracy not only includes documentation from archives and the time period such as seed catalogs, but also accuracy as to how people lived, what particular plant species were available, and more importantly, thoughtful consideration to the organics of the soil.

Melinda Gustin, Podcast #101 – Listen here:

You can contact Melinda at m@gustincorp.com, or at Landscape Architecture Studio, Nevada.  She is the Nevada Advisor at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, member of the Nevada Board of Landscape Architecture